Fun, welcoming, and challenging trail running events

for everyone.

The Wild • Saturday June 27, 2015

Get ready for a great adventure admist Green Bay, Wisconsin's wildlife. Nestled right in the city is the Wildlife Sancturary. Home to not only many native species, but also a fun, accessible, and beautiful trail system. Get all the details.

The Creek • Saturday August 1, 2015

Craving some single track? Baird Creek has all that you can handle. Even those familiar with the numerous trails at the creek will find joy and excitement in this race. Make sure you bring your trail legs for this run! Get all the details.

The Camp • Saturday September 19, 2015

With almost 1,600 acres, the Reforestation Camp offers a variety of outdoor activities for every age. While you're enjoying this race you'll find out why the camp is a premier destination for runners, hikers, bikers, and skiers. Get all the details.

Don't be intimidated. The Race Series runs are for everyone. We welcome all competitors, whether you're gunning to become a trail running champion or simply want to take on a new physical challenge, The Race Series is for you. The seasoned veteran will rip through a course in about an hour, while most of the pack will jog/hike the trail finishing the race in about an hour and a half.

Super simple race registration.

We want your race experience to be painless from start to finish, in more ways than one!

Two ways to register.

1 Register for each race individually.

2 Buy a Season Pass for all races.

THE RACE SERIES produces top notch trail running events that enrich the community and encourage participants to enjoy the outdoors. We organize 3 events throughout the year and have a weekly FREE group trail run in Green Bay, Wisconsin.